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The Yeezus Network
- Rules to join the network:
Reblogs only, likes will be ignored but you may like to bookmark.
Must be following the admins, univate and opixm.
Reblog no more than 5 times.
Must be super-active.
Must be a fan of Kanye.
Any blog style, just be awesome!
- 8 spaces available:
On Sight
Black Skinhead (univate)
I Am a God
New Slaves (opixm)
Hold My Liquor
I’m In It
Blood on the Leaves
Guilt Trip
Send It Up
Bound 2
- Benefits:
People to do promos with.
Help with votes.
New followers.
Help with html.
Chat with other members.
Make new friends <3
- To increase your chances of being chosen, make a text post outlining why you’d like to be part of the network using the tag “yeezusnetwork”
We’ll be choosing as soon as this post gets a decent amount of notes! Good luck and happy reblogging! x
(banner made by the lovely univate)